Professor Laurie Nathan and The Mediation Mandate- Scholarly Contributions

Laurie Nathan and The Mediation Mandate

CMA director Laurie Nathan CMA director Laurie Nathan

Laurie Nathan was the guest editor of a recently published special edition of African Security, focusing on the mediation mandate

The Mediation Mandate

In the scholarly literature on international mediation, the mandate is recognized as a salient issue but has not been the subject of any systematic analysis. In reality, however, the mandate is a vital component of mediated negotiations. It is treated with the utmost seriousness by the mandating organization and the mediator. It confers legitimacy on the mediation, endows the mediator with authority and leverage, provides the mediator with instructions and sets the parameters of the conflict resolution process and outcome.

The special edition of African Security begins with a conceptual overview by Laurie Nathan []and then explores the mandates issued by multilateral organizations in a number of African conflicts: Peter Bartu on the UN mediation for Libya in 2011; Kasaija Phillip Apuuli on the AU mediation in the Libya conflict; Antonia Witt on the SADC mediation for Madagascar in 2009-13; Jamie Pring on the question of inclusivity in the mediations for South Sudan (2013–15) and Zimbabwe (2008-9); Chris Saunders on the mediation for the independence of Namibia in the 1970s and 1980s;Henning Melber on the UN intervention in the Republic of the Congo in 1960-61 and Michael Aeby on the SADC mediation for Zimbabwe (2007–13)

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